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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 17, 2015 1:07am-1:38am PST

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striking back4)uu éh defeat isis. >>< éh defeat isis. here in the bayjw area and acros as5< isis envoy$i vows to stribe home land. >> rejectingy refugee. nx goverr country will notñó welcomeko people fleeing sir why with younc in california governz >>r)ju here are the new developt followingsã± the attacks in parâ8 for thesv third time in two'u-s french war planes; launch new airstrike againstw isis target pqcelgium follot]jt friday strength of attack. >> so farther fugitivemt terrorist who escaped remains free tonightjj e.elizabeth against the team coverage from new york city. >>reporter: police thought theyóy had him corner but the target slip the grasp for the
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second time. now the man hunt for the suspected eighth attac attacker physician intensifyin intensifying. 26-year-old on the run after police say he fled paris friday night. abandoning the 2 cars he rented then may going a run for the native belgium driving a third car with two other passengers. police stopped them at road block saturday but let them go and they made it across the border. the 2 passengers now under arrest and charged. authorities identified this man as the mastermind of the paris massacre. and isis on friday leveled a specific threat against the nation capitol. swearing that we will strike america at its center if washington. >> their agenda is to kill. %9q the le led his nation a moment of silence. tonight the eiffel tower glow with colors of the french flag for the first time sense friday.
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french president has declared that francis now at war with and bombing target in syria. abc news new york. now news that one of the terrorist involved in friday attack blended in among thousands of certain refugee to sneak into paris now prompt syrian refugee into their statement katie tells us where governor brown stands on the issue here in california. >>reporter: the quovr of the 26 states you see here highlighted in yellow have all said they will be revving to refugees. governor brown says people fleeing syria are still welcome in california if they are fully veted in a reliable way's a concern when there are that many people all coming at once with very bad paperwor paperwork. with not much knowledge of the background is of such large numbers of people. it's hard to vet. >>reporter: mills college professor at world affairs council lecture on isis
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acknowledges the security issue with syrian refugee but feels it's our duty to help people in need. >> to deny these people the right to come into our country and have a better life is, best to against everything that this country is all about. >> it's pretty difficult to to cast all the refugees in the same light because there are a four extremist. >>reporter: governor of alabama satisfies few is time. when you know that some of the people that are coming from that region have the potential to be terrorists we can't take a chance on that. >> catholic charity in santa clara feels not only refuse joe not a risk they are an asset. >> they work. they pay taxes so they become they do become part of our community. they are not a threat to our communicate. they are part of us. >>reporter: immigration experts say under the refugee act of 93 80éñ governors can nt legally block refugee from his their community. the san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thisis he story is generate
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ago lot of comment on our facebook page and we want to know what you think about it. id,cqj"uááuuz the homeland and strike the nation capitol. that's raising security concerns in major city across the country including san francisco t.alan continues our team coverage from the golden gate brim tonight. alan. >>. >>reporter: the concern is whether or not terrorist groups have sufficient reach to carry out similar attacks here in the united states. now the u.s. park service pay special attention to the treasured icon. among the icon golden gate bridge. despite increased u.s. park police patrol in the nation capitol no, added security at the golden gate brim or alcatraz. both desaéxshspáed national parksúñ. >> right now=z there is no] level. so we arepv not locking at different us.
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>>reporter: for example thex u.s. park police officers didn't waste any time asking us we were and why we were shooting video at the golden gate bridge. do you have safe coming out to places like this. >>(juju. thea the because the the:ó the the i'm impressedthe the the the the the the thera te the thec the thmbt))uj c jones pointsí8 out that the attack in paris did not take place at the eiffel tower or any other eye cop ick landmark there. >> make you consider how safe we really are. every time you go out in public you could be a target. >>reporter: that's why police here ask the public to be vigilant wherever they are. in san francisco, abc 7 news. stay on top /> cal train hit killed person causing major delays. happened clare station which was shut
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down. we were there as frustrated riders weighted for service to resume so they could get where they were going. collision happened just 30 minutes after another train nearly hit a person in mountain view. east bay police if dublin in the look out for 2 young women who robbed a bank of america today at 11:30 am they entered the bank on dub license boulevard near 6 80 and&eyz hand the tellary note demanding money. also said the robbers knew the teller and had friend at the teller's home. robber run to tall car with male driver. one dwhirl a red circle or tattoo open her face. tonight san francisco leader confirm ago report we first brought you exclusively over the weekend. the brake on the tour bus that crashed if union square failed and that wasn't the only problem. here's melanie with the new details. >> i don't think i as local supervisor could confidently
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tell a tourist that these vehicles are safe. >>reporter: they say the tour bus company inspected the bus that crash on october 25. but the p ud says city notifying the state agency but ated the bus to the operation. something it was required to d do. in turn chp says it has never inspected the tour bus that crashed. >> early indications that sf pd has given me is they believe it was a failure. the investigation will take several weeks. >>reporter: we saw inspection reports in the windshield of several city sight seeing tour bus. also noticed a potential problem. >> check out this one you can glass. despite the broken glass the city ruled down with passengers on the upper deck. >> large heavy vehicle and they
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need to be maintained and kept safe at the highest standard. >>reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. bay area food truck owner says she payed a man thousands of dollars for new truck. but never got it. p. >> nothing. no. not one. nothing. >>reporter: coming. confrontation with the man and how the local case may just be the latest in a long string. abz tonight. doctog  may beoy the yfapest tolx river and how you? drink it. whipúupers and helplsr+e where youá< needtú to. >> we gogr into the morningyw%h 40's now chillierzm in the morning. ó] let you know when e start to warm-up around here coming up. >> look what's coming up tonight right after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> thanks. here's the latest master piece we hope you hang on your refrigerator. mr. bon
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>> food truck owners say one man make big promises and never delivers leaving them out thousands of dollars. this investigation started in north kerr line but now throws a bay area woman who says she put her life savings into her coffee truck. natasha shows us how she was left with nothing. >>reporter: off the grayment one of the smallest operations setting up shop. you know coffee. >> this is the trillioner la verne. >>reporter: isn't quite a food truck. she's a tiny trailer hitched to big generator. which incidentally generates a lot of attention. >> that's a big generator for a little girl like you. >>reporter: inside a delicate coffee making. this requires a >> chili and convenient minian miniand. >>reporter: the four feet of working space the you make it
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work. >>reporter: her heart is in this business and butter one on every cop. she wanted to upgrade from this trillion tore a truck then she shot she found the man to do it nick. he says his business in reno and required 16,000 dollar retro- >> charming knowledgeable had a lot of idea. >>reporter: she sent him the check but on the which to reason 0she got a call. >> half hour outside of reno which is 4 hour drive for us and he e mailed said he wouldn't there. >>reporter: he caps alleged second meeting to. in the end 16,000 dollars gone. they aren't alone. part of pattern on the other side of thek>k country. >> our station in raleigh first got the complaints about neck in february. james free free man handed over 10 10,000 dollar deposit for a truck but no work done. craig powell
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would gave neck 6500 dollars never heard from him. the owners of the belgium waffle truck same store. 11,000 dollars out. fourth victim trer. my mass passed away through a why are ago and throughout her inheritanceqyu start to open the business so took÷l him to court"" and orderd him to d)[ her back 10,000 dollarsç. still waist on some of the money. reporter tried to talk to nick in spring of can we talk to you about your company. >>reporter: wouldn't go on camera but e-mail satisfying he was out of best and spended to repay all the debt but after that he opened up shop in reno and 2 other people along with sabrina say they paid him but got no work done. she said goodbye to the money she's lost. she would have to litigate in nevada. >> probably doesn't have the money sitting in a bank the
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can. our money east probably gone e-16,000 dollar amounts to a lot of spicey drivrjt message noybing. >> abc 7 news. >> 2 of the 3 business owner the story received or all of the money back from nick. he claims he dissolved his latest company in reno. coming up. 7 news at 11:00 y.scientist me have high tech clothing is polluting san francisco bay. findings even took sewage experts by surprise. >> i was frankly pretty stunne stunned. worrisome it has is contaminating the food tomorrow tonight open 7 news at 11:00. coffee drinkers may live longer. harvard study found non-smokeers who drank 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day were 15 percent less likely to die prematurely. did he cross risk
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of heart disease, type ii diabetes. brain decide and suicide. researchers say could have foe has mineral and antioxidant that help the body. >> give sales a boost i would think. >> definitely. talk about the weather forecast starting another week. >> sandhya has what's ahead. you might need the cup of could have foe tomorrow morning to keep you warm. i show you a beautiful sunset from our mount tam camp. sun going down the the at 5:00 o'clock high clouds around"ñ shakey camp there yes o yes it's windy but the winds have agenciesed up and the temperatures are going down. take a being will at our web site here. we have a few high clouds passing through that's about it. patch yr fog in the central valley. temperatures in the 50's. most 80's in the inland valley in the 40's will be dropping down to the upper 50's towards the morning hoursí from our sutro tower cam ramp, san francisco look going tonight and here's a lock at the forecast. another chilly
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morning tomorrow. milder day into the weekend and there areçó signs of rain early next week so the weekend rain didn't do anything for us. got quarter to half inch and it pushed most cities up anywhere between 5 to 15 percent. we still have a long way to go to erase the drought but at 152 percent of average and 120 in san jose. livermore 112. oakland 46 normal in san francisco. santa rosa at 34 percent of average. this week is looking dry. high pressure is blocking us so the stormtrack is way up into the pacific northwest. keep it dry all week long changes from to. long range forecast hypotheticaling at rain coming in next tuesday but week from tomorrow and just as many after you make travel plans on wednesday, could be a little bit dicey especially if heading out of town for thanksgiving
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weekend. thanksgiving day thurt took it with me and showers move out by the time we head into the newsroom hour. it will change as we stay closer. >> make sure you bundle up. 37 in napa. tlun liverpool motels other years in the 40's here. see pam will patchy fog and high clouds. increase tomorrow afternoon 68 in the south bay and gilroy 66 san jose. santa clara sunny vail 65 along with san mateo redwood city. 61 degree ins half monbay. downtown san francisco 63 degrees. temperatures going up few degrees. upper 60's santa rosa tomorrow. 66 napa. still need the sun screen in the east bay. inland spot 65 fairfield and livermore. look at the accu-weather 7 indicate forecast filtered some more middle of the work week and
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themselves are mid 70's so telephone milder. overnight temperatures will also come up the middle of the work week and then as we head dwardz the weekend temperatures slip just a little bit staying dry. monday night is when we have a slight chance of rain certainly cooler weather tuesday wednesday and part of thursday thanksgiving are looking wet. >> okay thanks so much. coming up here. niners blitz their way into thanksgiving to help give where
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49ers face antoine talking turkey. we were at second harvest if san jose where signedg9 autograph for anyone wo do net add you are can i or twoyv dollars. >> food bankdk says it's one million dollars behind in the fundraising goal for the season and still needs more than 8,000 turkey. if you would like to donate there is a link on our web site. just think about how happy that would make the families. >> give where you live this hotel difficult season. on to sports e.that's right. mike is in for larry tonight. >> college hoops this week. been throughout the initial and consolidate buyers tooep team
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>> college hoops kicking off around the na÷don and consolidate bears came in to the 2015tf season as pre-season . {u to be one of the most excit#ut(sj in college basketball. off to promisiny7 stax-t(u)ju( tomt barbarajt tonight. good test fr cal:s. first halfx3. wallaces in move to the hoop. bears by 9. game high 24 tonight. matthews for lay up. bears up 14. matthew was 16. theme going. bird under the about his connecticut. a run toen the half here and lead by 19 at the half. second half brown posted away he's off the slam. he finish was 17. brown finding fellow rep and all 5 stavt starters 85-67 victory. they are now 2 and o. >> talking cal bears quarterback golf made pack 12 record setting performance
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against oregon state saturday at 6 and 4. him if first time with sex touch down pass school record he already owns 4350 yard placing in pack 12 history first 3 seasons. beg gym set for saturday night at establish ford. monday night football. bengals try to stay undefeated hosting the tevrj answer. then hopkins 10-6. one hand gives both feet down. they are good. last chance for them. green catches the ball for the first time but it's knocked out not to khavr it you necessity and carolina now the only undefeated team in the nfl. warriors the only undefeated t-nba and add to the start to tomorrow night they
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host duration. everyone brings their a game when they face the do haves. subtle pressure of remaining undefeated your approach to the game. veteran livingston break it down for u us. >> more of a scentally change that's where you challenge yourself can we continue to stop hungry can we city aleast. hardest thing to dies relax. human weather but for us we are eyeing too to achieve something great at the end of the 84. as far as right now. >>reporter: this 7 sports report brought to you by ex fenty. 3 games in 4 nights. toronto. clippers and bulls back-to-back i predict they lose one this week. >> this week undefeated whole scheme. >> doing really well. clippers l.a. is a tough watch he play for the bills the next night. >> 7 news


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